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Get paid automatically each month by adding credit card and EFT processing to your Alarm software

Accept Credit Card and EFT Recurring Customer Payments Reduce recurring billing costs and get paid on time. Credit Card and EFT Services for Alarm

Due to our leading position in the security industry as a billing software provider, Z-Micro Technologies has negotiated a special arrangement with ACH processors to provide electronic payment services to our clients with a low setup fee.

Why should you consider offering electronic payments (checking/savings EFT payments) to your customers? Here are just a few of the many advantages credit card/EFT offers your company:

  • Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month in invoicing costs (ACH payments cost just the same as a stamp on your invoice, without the need for any stamps, invoice forms, envelopes, toner and labor).

  • Receive payments within just a few days of billing (how long does it take you now to receive payments from your customers?)

  • No posting of payments. Payments are automatically deposited into your bank account and posted in Alarm.

  • Secure. All payments are handled electronically directly from your customers' bank to your bank .

  • Redeposit of bounced checks performed for you at lower cost than your bank typically charges for returned checks.

  • Payments are deposited in your bank account even when you are out of the office or on vacation

  • Integrates with your Alarm software transparently

If you think your customers are not interested in paying you electronically then think again. Last year over 8.9 billion ACH payments were processed totaling over 24 trillion dollars, and ACH transactions continue to grow in popularity - up 14% from last year!

Your customers are already familiar with paying electronically and do so commonly with their Internet provider, wireless phone carrier, cable and satellite provider, insurance companies, utility companies, and many more. Why not offer your customers the same level of payment convenience they have come to expect from these other services? It also helps your customers avoid late fees and possible termination of services due to unpaid balances.

Accepting electronic payments from your customers is easy, very cost-effective and a Win-Win situation for both your company and your customers. We have provided a sample of an application to sign up for merchant services along with supporting documents that show how you can start offering credit card/eft payments to your customers.

Call us today at 1-877-864-5010 to find out how you can get started right away with accepting electronic payments.


Credit Card/EFT Forms

Application for ACH processing - Adobe Acrobat PDF

Credit Card Application - Adobe Acrobat PDF

Sample ACH Authorization form for customers - Adobe Acrobat PDF

Marketing Plan for ACH program implementation - Adobe Acrobat PDF



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