Alarm Webinar

Maximize your investment in the Alarm software with our popular Webinars.

Live Online Training From The Comfort Of Your Office  Let us train your entire staff on how to use Alarm effectively to assist in their everyday tasks.

Our Alarm Webinars are an excellent way to learn about all of the features of Alarm and how to implement them throughout your entire organization. Webinars are live online training sessions taught by our experienced trainers, 8 full hours divided into 4 separate 2-hour training segments. Customized to your needs, you can have different departments attend different segments (see typical session descriptions below).

Since our Webinars are dedicated to only one client at a time, you are free to discuss any issues with our trainer that affect your business. All you need is a computer hooked up to the internet (for multiple attendees a conference room with larger display works better) and a speakerphone.

How Our Webinars Work

During the web seminar, you will see our training screen appear on your monitor. The web seminar utilizes 'application sharing' which basically means as our trainer goes through the Alarm software you will see on your screen the same Alarm software that we are running on our computers at Z-Micro Technologies, and you will listen to the trainer and ask questions through your speakerphone.

Each Webinar registration allows one computer and one phone call from your company to join in our web seminar; however you are free to have as many employees attend as you wish at no additional cost.

Our Webinars are typically divided into 4 2-hour segments (this may vary based on your needs)


  Installation and Setup  

The proper setup of the Alarm software is essential for gaining the most benefit for your company. This segment reviews all setup procedures, defaults, customizable areas, financial codes, security procedures, invoicing options, system popups, special utilities, troubleshooting, special tips, and much more.


  Customer Management  

Learn all aspects of customer searches and data entry, including a full review of all the customer information fields, related customer documents, and how this information is utilized throughout the Alarm software. Also covered are customer management reports, call center tracking, import/export procedures and the powerful Customer Inquiry/Mail Merge section for improving your collections and marketing capabilities.


  Service Management  

Streamline your entire service department with the proper understanding of service features within Alarm. Topics covered will include appointment scheduling, technician scheduling, proper service ticket creation, tracking all parts used/installed on a job, recording billable/non-billable time, options to invoice directly from a service ticket, automatic labor rate calculations, service reports, and other service-related topics.


  Invoice Generation  

Review of all financial aspects of Alarm, including proper recurring invoice setup and generation, types of recurring billing options, dealer billing, GL code tracking, Product vs. Service invoices, financial reports, payment posting, credit postings, inventory tracking and advanced inventory features, purchase orders, and much more.



Web seminars are revolutionizing the way companies receive training, and we are pleased to offer this convenient method of software training to our customers.

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