ClientWeb 2.0

Providing your customers with access to their account online

Online Account Access Browser-based access for your customers to retrieve account history, request service and pay online.

Provide your clients with online account access with ClientWeb. ClientWeb is a web-based access portal for your clients, allowing them to access their account data stored in the Alarm 7 SQL database.


With ClientWeb your clients access their account online using any web browser (ie: IE, Firefox, Safari, even their iPhone) to perform the following:

ClientWeb Features:
• Securely log into their account using their verified email address and password
• View account profile (name, address, contact name, phone numbers, insurance agent, vacation info)
• View invoice history summaries including paid and open balance totals and pay their bill online.
• View/Modify/Add their emergency contact information (this can be set to view only)
• View service history
• View upcoming service appointments
• View alarm history (signal history)
• View zone descriptions

If you require one more of these options to be eliminated from your client's menu, we can adjust ClientWeb accordingly.

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Why not see for yourself how ClientWeb provides additional benefits to your clients by increasing your level of customer service.

To view a live demo of ClientWeb 2, click here ClientWeb 2 Online Demo


ClientWeb is installed and hosted on your own server and does not require any special installation or hardware on your end other than a static ip address. One-time or monthly licensing payment plans available.


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Software Description Price
ClientWeb Full License One-Time Purchase
(Rrequires maintaining an Annual Z-Micro Technologies Support Contract).(Rate determined by existing Alarm SQL Account License Level)
$499 - $2499

We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER credit and debit cards.

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ClientWeb HighlightsTop Things To Know About ClientWeb

  • Gives your customers the convenience of requesting service online.

  • Customers can view their own invoice history and pay online to help reduce queries to your customer service department.

  • Emergency contacts list can be changed by customer (or this option can be turned off) to allow self-servicing of a customer account

  • Any change made by customer is immediately emailed to the Alarm Dealer for verification.

  • Service requested posts service ticket automatically in Alarm. Requested service date is left unscheduled until your service department confirms date and time with customer.

  • Secure access requiring customer email address on file and customer-generated password.

  • Easy setup. Only needs an IP addressable server and a specific port opened on your router.

  • Can include your logo on ClientWeb screen

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