Provides you and your staff with unlimited telephone and remote support.

Annual Support Subscriptions Covering unlimited telephone and remote support for all of our software products - with one subscription.

The Alarm software is a mission-critical application for most security dealers. Containing all of your customer data, scheduling, billing, outstanding balances, inventory, and much more, our support subscriptions ensure your company receives timely technical support to any questions you may have regarding any of our software products installed at your location. Telephone and remote support are available only with an annual support subscriptions. In addition, support subscriptions provide free Alarm software updates when they are released.

The Alarm software license requires an annual support subscription as part of your licensing agreement. Although you may request to be excluded from this requirement (if exclusion is available then complimentary support is offered via email to clients in good standing), the support subscription is designed to make sure your staff has the knowledge to use our software products correctly should any questions arise.

The annual support subscription includes the following:

Priority Call Back Service

Support requests are returned within a maximum 3 hour response time, with most support requests answered immediately or within a one hour timeframe during regular business hours.

Free Alarm Software Updates

Alarm software updates are released approximately every 18 months on average. Your support subscription ensure you always have the most recent version of Alarm - important for remaining compatible with new operating systems, regulations, and technology advancements.

Discounts and Special Offers

Support subscriptions include discounts off our regular software prices for future purchases.

Support Hours

Our technical support department is open 9AM to 5PM Eastern, Monday-Friday


For additional information and pricing regarding our support subscriptions, please feel free to contact sales at  1-877-864-5010.



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  • Mobile Field Service
  • Client Online Access
  • Multiple Branch Control
  • Robust SQL Technology


  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Service Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Proposals and Contracts

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I love these programs!!"

by: Michael Leafer, MHL Security & Sound