Send wireless service orders to your technicians

Email Distribution Of Service Orders Batch send service tickets to all scheduled technicians via email

Similar to a printed service ticket, eService tickets contain complete information pertaining to each service order including directions to site, description of work to be performed, past service history, equipment installed list, zone list, contact information and more. All of this information is sent to your technicians handheld device instantly via their email service. Compatible with ALL handheld devices that accept pop3 email such as iphone, blackberry, android, windows 7 mobile and notebook computers. eService is designed to fit the format of handheld systems.


eService Tickets Are Received Within Minutes

eService automatically tracks each technician assigned to your service jobs, and sends an eService Ticket to the email address of each technician assigned to the job. You may also elect to send only the main technician an eService Ticket. Your technicians will receive the eService Ticket within minutes of sending it out. You have the option of sending an eService Ticket immediately upon scheduling the service job, or in a batch mode for all service jobs scheduled for a particular day or date range. You can even send eService tickets out to your technicians the evening before and they will have the tickets waiting for them in their email inbox.


Integrates within Alarm SQL Seamlessly

eService extends the capabilities of your Alarm SQL  Software. Once installed, it adds the eService functionality to Alarm so all eService features are accessed from within the Alarm program. Sending an eService Ticket is as easy as clicking on the eService button found on each service ticket. You may also setup default settings and technician email addresses from within Alarm.



 eService  License Per 3 Technicians $499

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eService HighlightsTop Things To Know About eService

  • Integrates seamlessly within Alarm SQL

  • Send service tickets via email to all technicains scheduled even if multiple technicians are scheduled on a service job.

  • One-button send distributes emails automatically

  • Formatted for most smartphones.

  • Requires just a pop3 email address on mobile device.

  • Easy and fast way to send new service requests to technicians while they are still out in the field.

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