Track Accounts Internally  By Company, Division Or Branch

Multi Company Account License Use one database of Alarm to track your multiple companies, divisions or branches


Multicom is an add-on module for Alarm that provides tracking of customers and invoices by branch, division or company. If you manage more than one company or branch and wish to track all of your customers within one database of Alarm rather than purchasing Alarm for each company or location, Multicom is the solution.

With Multicom, all financial transactions can be identified by the company, branch or division they are associated with. Multicom contains the following benefits:

  • Identify each customer by the Company/Branch/Division they are associated with
  • Create and track invoices by any of your Company/Branch/Division codes.
  • Create and track service tickets by any of your Company/Branch/Division codes
  • Run any financial report by Company/Branch/Division
  • Inquiry against your customer database (for lists, letters, collections, export to dbase, etc.) by Company
  • Recurring Billing automatically places your appropriate company name and address in the upper-left corner of the invoice
  • Service tickets automatically prints your appropriate company name and address letterhead
  • Restrict Alarm users to access customers designated only to a specific Company/Branch/Division
  • Provides additional license to use Alarm with your other companies or branches without having to purchase another full license of Alarm (additional companies must be owned by original Alarm licensee).
  • Provides access to all of your customers across all of your companies, branches or divisions within one database - no need to worry which Alarm database to search when a customer calls.

Multicom is sold as a 3-company license (additional licenses may be purchased in groups of 3). If you own more than one company, or wish to track customers and transactions by different branches or divisions, Multicom is the perfect solution.



 Multicom  License Per 3 Companies $1299

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Multicom HighlightsTop Things To Know About Multicom

  • Access all of your customers in one Alarm database even if they are assigned to your other companies or branches.

  • Security features allows restriction of account access to Alarm users based upon Company or Branch code.

  • Invoices and Service Tickets letterhead contains appropriate company name or branch address

  • Perform recurring billing separately for each comapny or branch.

  • Financial reports may be processed per company/branch or as an aggregate.

  • Search customers based upon their company or branch affiliation.

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